Christhian van Schijndel

  • Slackliner
  • Born in 1999,
  • The Netherlands
  • Competitions: 2017 & 2018 Street Diving Competitions

Winner 1st Street Diving event and Street Diving: The World Championships 2018 1st place. Not only is Chris our best Street Diver as of yet, but he also set a world record from the RAI tower with a whopping 60-meter jump into the BigAirBag!


  • Freestyle trampoline jumper
  • Born in 1995
  • Netherlands
  • Competition: The Nationals 2019

Jordy, or also known as Jurds on the block is not that long ago introduced to the freestyle trampoline scene. With only 3 years of experience, he learned himself all the tricks he can throw. With his job at trampoline park: Spacejump, he has been practicing for competitions like Street Diving a lot. He is known to be a boss at flipping competitions so will see a lot of great energy from Jordy. Although he doesn’t have a lot of years in experience he made incredible progress, so definitely don’t underestimate him! He was 1st in the Skyland game championships in Norway and 2nd at Street Diving: The Nationals 2018! He also won the 3rd place for an indoor cliff-diving competition and an X-diving competition. We can’t wait to see what title he will grab this year!


  • Trampoline, diver, and Freerunner
  • Born in 1999
  • Netherlands
  • Competition: The Nationals 2019

By going to open gymnastic events, Tom got more and more involved with his sports. With 10 years of experience, he now teaches others and is going to be a great athlete to see at the Nationals. His goal is to have a great day and to improve his skills.


  • Cliffdiver and X-diver
  • Born in 1990
  • Netherlands
  • Competition: The Nationals & The World Championships 2019

The new sport X-diving has made its debut in The Netherlands thanks to Sebas. He organizes several training days every week and competitions for X-divers and cliff divers with Indoorcliffdiving. Not only is he a great X- and Cliff Diver, he also has a few records on his name. He is the national champion on the 10-meter platform and he holds the Dutch record for highest gainer into the water, 27-meters to be exact! As or now we don’t have Dutch Cliff Divers on the international tournaments, so his goal is to be the first Dutch Cliff Diver to accomplish this. To get some training in, join him at the Indoorcliffdiving classes throughout the Netherlands.


  • Gymnastics and Diving
  • Born in 1978
  • Denmark
  • Competition: The World Championships 2019

With almost 30 years in experience, we are in for a treat when it comes to Jimmi and his tricks. Inspired by a diving show in 2002, Jimmi got into High Diving and never looked back. He is two times the Danish champion on the platform (diving) and won 2nd place at the European cliff diving championship. He even got 3rd place in the World Championships Splashdiving! We look forward to having Jimmi back with us for the World Championships to represent the Danish.


  • Cliff Diving
  • Born in 1998
  • France
  • Competition: The Nationals & The World Championships 2019

Ismail has always loved to jump off cliffs but only decided a year ago that he wanted to do tricks and focused more on the acrobatic side of Cliff Jumping. This 20-year-old Cliff Jumper will te competing alongside Robin with whom he has the Instagram account: French.divers with. Together they have been training all summer and will be showing us what they got! His goals for the competitions? Simply: sending it.

Todor Spasov

  • Red Bull Cliff Diver
  • Born in 1978
  • France
  • Competition: The World Championships

Todor is a member of the Cliff Diving scene for 18 years now and has been diving since he was just 6 years old. He won a wildcard in 2011 for the RedBull Cliff Diving World Series and won 5th place in the World Cup. He won the 3rd place in the Street Diving: World Championship in 2018. He is highly motivated for the World Champi0onships and his experience will make him a fierce competitor.


  • Trampoline athlete and Splashdiver
  • Born in 2003
  • Austria
  • Competition: The Nationals & The World Championships

Heinz is one of our youngest Street Diving competitors and will be making history in 2019. He got inspired by street dancers and started his pursuit of greatness in his freestyle sports. With only 4 year of experience he has broken a few records already. To name a few he was the first person to land a sextruple verttwist, did a full in quadtriffus and many more. His goals are to improve his aerial awareness and to meet new people at the Street Diving events. We have great expectations for Heinz and will surely be amazed.


  • B-boy, Freerunner, parkour, acrobat, and stuntman
  • Born in 1988
  • Romania
  • Competition: The Nationals & The World Championships

Stefan aka Mostef, is a very versatile athlete and will be a great Street Diving athlete in our 2019 competitions. His journey began with his curiosity for what the human body is capable of. He is in for pushing his boundaries because this is his first Street Diving competition ever. He has won loads of breaking and power moves competitions and with his 19 years of experience, he has a lot to offer and will make the crowd go wild for more. He is there to inspire and entertain, so let’s be entertained!


  • Freestyle Skier
  • Born in 1995,
  • The Netherlands
  • Competition: The Nationals & The World Championships 2019

Mees is a pro Freestyle skier but has no problem converting his skills for the Street Diving competitions. He has won many titles and competitions with Freestyle skiing and will be a great athlete for the upcoming competitions.

Daniel Arvidsson

Born in 1987,

Peter Hendriks van Warbij

Born in 1991,

Amir Badri

Born in 1990,

Martin Drumev

Born in 1998,