Events Schedule

Street Diving: World Championship

16th of June – Den Helder, The Netherlands

During the event: GameDay in Den Helder, the first World Championship of Street Diving will be hosted. 26 professionals athletes from all different countries will compete for the title of Street Diving: World Champion! First place will not only be the Street Diving World Champion but goes also home with a cheque of €1.000,-!

The jury will consist out:

  • Mark van Zwieten
  • Christian Guth
  • Danny Kenniphaas

Next to Street Diving, GameDay also hosts a lot of other new exciting sports. To find out more about GameDay click here.

1781 AS, Den Helder
The Netherlands

Street Diving: Nationals

8th of July – Arnhem, The Netherlands

Common ground: Urban Sport Event is hosting different sports like Freerun/Parkour, Tricking, Calisthenics and a Street Diving: Nationals competition. The hight is set on a stunning 18 meters, do you dare to compete? If so, you can still participate by emailing the organisation. Send your name and age to

Qualifications rounds: 11:00 // 13:00
Finals: 15:00 // 17:00

Arnhem, Markt 10

Street Diving: Demos

19th of May – (X Games) Oslo, Norway

Daniel Arvidsson and Niklas Müller showed their best jumps in a Street Diving Demo from 24 meters! Daniel told us he was trying to make his Freefall look like it all went wrong, only to miraculously turn it around in the last second and safe! It looked like he was walking in the air, although he was still falling – Breathtaking stuff! Daniel was using this opportunity to prepare for the up and coming Street Diving: World Championship.

The audience had also the possibility to jump from a lower height. Click here to read more about this event.

Street Diving Opportunities

We are passionate about globalising Street Diving. To make our events possible, athletes, sponsors and locations are required.

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