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The guys from YouTube channel Smoare have an enormous amount of followers and they needed our help with their latest video.
Doritos asked them to choose the best flavor and destroy the other one. For more info on this challenge check the Doritos homepage.

BigAirBag athletes Cris Cris and Mees van Lierop were called in to help them out because it’s not without risk to jump from 25 meters high. These guys know what it’s like; Cris ended 6th earlier this month World Championships slacklining in Berlin. Freeskier Mees van Leerop, who left the next day to Austria to proceed his pre-season training.

In the end it was an awesome day, these guys have some real acrobatic skills and zero fear and can be seen as professional gymnasts!
Besides that we had fun while jumping on the big air bag, did some freerunning, ate some doritos, ride a Onewheel and just enjoyed the nice sun this afternoon in Amsterdam. We even got to see a triple backflip! Watch the stunts and enjoy!

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