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Street Diving is back this year with an even more impressive range of events. Street Diving made its debut in 2016 and has been growing ever since. This year we will even be at one of the Biggest Festivals in the world for the World Championships.

Upcoming Street Diving editions

“Street Diving is a feeling of freedom for a short period and one of my favorite feelings in the world. The adrenaline goes up and you getting faster and faster every moment until the impact in the BigAirBag. ”

May 11th – Freestyle Frenzy

Our first stop will be Freestyle Frenzy in Breda. A few Seasoned Street Divers will give a demo for the audience, and the public will have a chance to participate in! Make sure to show us what you got to win prices and even wildcards for the Nationals. Besides Street Diving, the finale of Freestyle Frenzy will take place with the assistance of no other than Greg Roe. Together with GTramp, Airtrack, and of course Street Diving, there will be plenty of tricking and trampoline action to participate in. The event will be a great and interactive day, so be sure to come by! Click here for more information about the event.

June the 22nd – the Nationals on Gameday

Street Diving will be returning to Gameday this year with a bang. Not only will the athletes compete for the National Champion title, but also for wildcards to the World Championships in Belgium. Gameday is an exciting event full of new sports and challenges for everyone! They offer a variety of online and offline gaming experiences with the chance to win competitions! For more information about Gameday, you can check out their website.

June the 28th till the 30th of June – the World Championships.

Vestiville has been the gateway to an urban oasis of music for years, and Street Diving will lift it up even more. The performances of JA RULE, Tyga, A$AP ROCKY, Young Ellens, Cardi B, Meek Mill, and Boef are just to name a couple of artists from the impressive line-up that awaits you during this event. This year Street Diving will be attending with some of the finest athletes who are ready to impress you by flying through the air! The Street divers will compete amongst judges in order to be crowned the Street Diving World Champion!

This spectacular event is not something that you want to miss, so get your tickets here to be amazed.


This year Street Diving will be giving away wildcards for the Nationals and to the World Championships. At Freestyle Frenzy, participants can show us their best tricks to get the wildly wanted wildcards for the Nationals.

During the Nationals, you won’t only be part of an amazing day with great athletes and much more other activities, but also have a chance to win wildcards for the World Championships. These wildcards will get you straight into the World Championships where eternal glory awaits.

Lukas Eglseder

Four times Extreme Blobbing World Champion


Meet one of our Street Divers, Lukas Eglseder. Lukas is a very skilled athlete and specializes in Splash diving and Extreme blobbing. Not only is he three times Extreme Blobbing Champion he also set the world record Sixtruble Flip! Look out for this worthy opponent because he will be competing again at the Nationals in Den Helder.


“When I was 16, I had a skateboarding accident where I broke my arm and was in the hospital for 6 weeks. I was not allowed to skateboard anymore, that’s when I discovered Freestyle cliff diving on Youtube. I just started practicing in the pool and before long, my friends would join me, and we started our own channel. I was invited to the World Championships in Freestyle and got 3rd place! Since then I got into Blobbing and competed in small competitions. When the community got bigger, the competitions got bigger and I am now 4 times Extreme Blobbing World Champion and world record holder with 6 somersaults from the blob. I was invited for the Street Diving World Championships in Den Helder and it was one of the best competitions I have attended.”


“The World Championships was amazing! The location and the crowd were awesome and the level of was really good because of all the crazy athletes! I loved the competition because it is a new sport for everyone. All the athletes have to get used to the BigAirBag, which makes for a very supportive atmosphere. The vibe during the competition and practice is very welcoming and you get really pumped up! The whole competition is just a crazy combination of a big lift with a huge airbag where you can make insane tricks of.”


“I would like to make some new World records in Blobbing, and of course, become the next Street Diving Champion!” Follow Lukas on Instagram: @luckistriker and make sure to subscribe to his Youtube channel for some insane tricks.

Do you think you have what it takes to be a Street Diver? Make sure to contact us by sending an Email to Follow our Instagram: @Street_diving and facebook:@streetdiving account,  to stay up to date. 

Check out our website for more information and maybe you can be the next Champion.

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